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Financial Accountability

   Mr. Joseph Lam is dedicated to being accountable to contributors for their donations to the children we help. Your gifts are a sacred trust, and trust is the most important asset of any charity. That trust is maintained only through strong financial accountability.

   Although we operate our charity with a very small administrative staff and an extremely low overhead, Mr. Lam has always insisted on the highest levels of financial accountability using professional advisors. These accountability measures are a justified expense.

   The Accountability Team – Creating this professional accountability team means not only hiring the best people available to make sure our charity conforms to all laws, but also working with the finest auditors, the most experienced bankers, and Certified or Chartered Accountants to oversee bookkeepers. In many cases, these advisors are bonded or disciplined by professional associations and face severe penalties for wrongdoing.
   Mr. Lam has always been committed to conforming to the laws and the highest standards of practice at all levels. However, at the same time, he patiently works through and eliminates the useless bureaucracy and “trusts” that often hinder aid from being freely collected and reaching children in need.

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